Carlos Liu, Principal Designer

Hello, My name is Carlos. I am a principal designer from Taiwan. My speciality is user interface for mobile and web as well as brand design. For my past experience, I was the lead designer at POP, a tool that helps building app prototyping. Also, I was the first Taiwanese designer at Jiepang, a Chinese social networking service for mobile devices. In 2015, with my friend, Kenzou Yeh, we co-founded Graphr, a marketplace for photography services. I am now woking as a Chief Design Officer at Oneteam Inc. Live in Tokyo, Japan.


Chief Design Officer, 2016 - Present

iOS, Android and Web

Oneteam is extending Github's core idea of collaborative work to non-engineering people. Aim for ubiquitous connectivity on any device - Smartphones, tablets and desktops. And want to help teams talk and work together, no matter what kind of team you have, anywhere in the world. "Your team, in the palm of your hand" based on this concept, and creating a app to help support team growth and improve team communication.


Side Project, 2018


Modelmap is a tool to automatically analyzes spreadsheet calculation and shows all of the ingredients for you. Modelmap is so carefully designed that everyone can understand its meaning intuitively, without losing any detail for calculation. You will no longer analyze the data. You can acyually “see” the data.


Co-Founder & Creative Director, 2015


Graphr is a marketplace where photographers can sell their services as products, and customers can purchase what they want in a short time. We reduce the steps in contacting and booking comparing to the old way when people were suffering from sending e-mails forth and back or making many phone calls.


Designer & Advisor, 2015

iOS, Android and Web

Akaibaito is a mobile game company in Taiwan. Founded by my friend Akira in 2014. I helped them to re-build their company visual identity and their game's UI design. They creat some great game like "Yakizakanyan", "Metro Cube"..etc.


Side Project, 2015


EMQ is a trusted and safe alternative to transfer money internationally at a much lower cost than traditional remittance. EMQ is committed to offering our customers a secure, convenient, competitively priced experience and transparency at every level, for every transfer.

POP - Prototype On Paper

Lead Designer, 2013 - 2015

iOS, Android, Windows, and Web

acquired by Marvelapp in 2016

POP turns hand-drawn wireframes to interactive prototypes. Sketch the app ideas on paper; take pictures and add links between the mockups; sync your app prototypes with Dropbox, simulate on iPhone, Android, or web and share your prototype idea online to get feedbacks.


Side Project, 2013

Visual Identity

VMFive is a Taiwanese startup company specializing in cloud technology with its world's largest cloud virtual mobile platform. With the integration of its leading core technologies: Cloud, Virtualization, Streaming, Ad Tech, and Big Data, VMFive creates AdPlay - Playable Ad Solution, which turns mobile apps into playable ad unit, and enables users to instantly try apps before downloading.

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